2000 | 188 minutes | Rated R

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia is a completely insane movie, an overstuffed ensemble of dying old men and child prodigies and biblical plagues and Tom Cruise’s best performance ever. One of the greatest casts of American actors plays a bizarre assemblage of lonely people—“I really do have love to give,” former Quiz Kid Donnie Smith (William H. Macy) moans through a bloody mouth of broken teeth, “I just don’t know where to put it!”—desperately in need of a deus ex machina. And boy, do they ever get one. Magnolia isn’t always a good film, but it is an American classic.


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Film Credits
Paul Anderson
Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, Tom Cruise, Philip Hoffman, John Reilly, Melora Walters, Jeremy Blackman, Michael Bowen, William Macy, Philip Hall, Melinda Dillon, Emmanuel Johnson, Michael Murphy, Luis Guzman, April Grace, Orlando Jones, Ricky Jay, Henry Gibson, Felicity Huffman, Alfred Molina, Don McManus, Eileen Ryan, Danny Wells