Alyam, Alyam

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Following his father’s death, young Abdelwahad is expected to take his place as head of the family. This role is especially crucial as he has a mother and seven brothers to provide for. But faced with the cycle of poverty that rural farmers seem doomed to repeat, he dares to hope for something better. He applies for papers that would allow him to live and work in France, a country that he imagines offers more opportunities than his own. As he waits to receive them, he dreams of earning enough money to return home and establish his own business. His more traditional and practical mother, however, disapproves of Abdelwahad’s plan and tries to talk him out of it. Meanwhile, rural life continues, with its slow pace, hard work, and long days. Director Ahmed El Maanouni captures both the harsh reality and the nobility of the land and its people in this exquisite blend of fiction and poetic documentary, the first Moroccan film ever to play in the Cannes Film Festival.

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Film Credits
Ahmed El Maanouni
Ben Brahim
SIFF 2015