The Astrologer

Midnight Adrenaline

SIFF Says:

"In 1975, astrologer to the stars Craig Denney embarked on his passion project to write, direct, and star in an ambitious biopic about his life. The resulting film faded into obscurity but was recently rediscovered in the collection of the American Genre Film Archive, and has been hailed as a newfound classic of WTF cinema. THE ASTROLOGER follows a carnival con man who discovers that he has genuine psychic powers, a story that unspools in a manner that, as fan Nicolas Winding Refn describes it, ""pushes 'auteurism' to a whole other level."" The film jumps between continents and races through time, usually in a single startling edit; features absurd yet irony-free dialogue (""You’re not an're an asshole!""); has a lengthy dinner scene inexplicably filmed in slow motion; and ends with a head-scratching meta-cinema moment in which ""the astrologer"" watches a film of ""The Astrologer"" as we watch THE ASTROLOGER. It is safe to predict that THE ASTROLOGER is unlike anything you've ever seen before. New 2K scan DCP print, provided courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive. Visit for more info."

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Film Credits
Craig Denney
Craig Denney, Darrien Earle, Arthyr Chadbourne, Florence Marly, Rocky Barbanica
SIFF 2015