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“Who are you? You, who live beyond the horizon. Why do you have such power over me? Sometimes I feel you in the wind. Your spirit.” So narrates Fettah, a Moroccan fisherman who has set out on a windsurfing journey across 300 kilometers of ocean connecting Northern Africa to the southern tip of Europe. But what compelled this poor man from near Essaouira to attempt such a dangerous solo voyage into an unknown land? What losses have befallen him? We flash back to life in his native village, where each summer he moonlights as a windsurfing instructor to European and American tourists hoping to catch the coast’s famed waves. Still mourning the loss of his late mother, Fettah takes a liking to a repeat visitor’s girlfriend, Alexandra, contributing to a growing sense of confusion about his own life, loves, and family. Writer/director Jan-Willem van Ewijk and cinematographer Jasper Wolf film the beautiful and terrifying expanse of the sea in glorious widescreen, capturing the transcendence and violence of Mother Nature, while simultaneously engaging with the subtle nuances of Fettah’s home life. “Freedom. What is it?” Fettah asks. “How much love? How much pain?” Through his physical and emotional journey, Fettah will have his answer.

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Film Credits
Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Fettah Lamara, Thekla Reuten, Mohamed Majd, Boujmaa Guilloul, Hassna Souidi
SIFF 2015