Beach Town

Northwest Connections

SIFF Says:

In this rock ’n’ roll beach movie of the mind (shot entirely within the Seattle city limits), love and music intertwine over one lazy summer in a ramshackle coastal town. Noelle (Sarah Winsor) has just moved to the unnamed community and immediately catches the eye of Arthur (Ahren Buhmann), a local musician and record store employee. But as she acclimates to her new surroundings—surfboard yoga, experimental film festivals, jam sessions—Noelle considers her past mistakes and fears becoming another “rocker’s chick.” Arthur and his bandmate Pete (Riley Neldam), meanwhile, cross in and out of the orbit of a fairy-synth band fronted by the kooky Farrah (Kenna Kittrick), only to see their musical careers go in different directions. Featuring a killer summertime soundtrack and filmed in a warm, laconic 16mm style—the Ballard shoreline has never looked more retro—Beach Town is a laid-back hangout film with local flair and alternative rhythms.

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Film Credits
Erik Hammen
Sarah Winsor, Ahren Buhmann, Riley Neldam, Kenna Kettrick, William Poole
SIFF 2015