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Chris Evans (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER) stars in and makes his directorial debut with this two-hander about strangers who, after meeting cute at Grand Central Station, spend one long Manhattan night assessing their tumultuous present and an unknown future. Nick (Evans) is a trumpet player practicing the night before a big audition in the corridors of Grand Central Station. Brooke is a frantic young woman who just got mugged and missed the last late night train home. The two meet and immediately connect, and Nick decides to set off with Brooke through the Manhattan streets to get her home safe and perhaps try and find the culprits who stole her bag. As late night becomes dawn, the couple passes through dimly lit alleyways and streets lined with neon, engaged in witty back-and-forth, deep conversation, and inevitable, flirtatious banter. This charmingly romantic character study takes the right all the right tips from Delpy and Hawke’s BEFORE SUNRISE films.

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Film Credits
Chris Evans
Chris Evans, Alice Eve
SIFF 2015