Blue Blood

Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

A circus travels by ship to a dreamlike island paradise in Brazil, in this film’s gorgeously shot, black and white prologue. One of the main attractions is the handsome and seductive Zolah the Bullet Man (Daniel de Oliveira), who gets shot out of a cannon at every performance. Zolah happens to be a native of the island, and he’s reunited with the mother that sent him away 20 years earlier for mysterious reasons. When Zolah’s mentor Kaleb, a magician and the circus’ ringleader, disappears suddenly the order of things begins to rapidly collapse. Director Lirio Ferreira creates a visually stunning world in which the environment mirrors Zolah’s strange and contradictory destiny: his return to his birthplace is joyful, but also stirs up dark feelings that have been pushed aside for years. Blue Blood took the top awards at the most recent Rio Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor.

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Film Credits
Lirio Ferreira
Daniel de Oliveira, Caroline Abras, Sandra Corveloni, Rômulo Braga
SIFF 2015