The Cave of Silken Web

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SIFF Says:

Few names are more synonymous with martial arts cinema than the Shaw Brothers Studio. Throughout the 1960s and 70s their films helped to popularize Wuxia swordplay and Kung Fu action in American grindhouses and on Saturday afternoon television, and with THE CAVE OF THE SILKEN WEB, the studio produced one of their most fantastical films. The third film of four based on the classic Chinese novel “Monkey,” and a remake of Dan Duyu’s 1927 film epic, it follows a traveling monk, Xuanzhang, and his three companion-protectors—Monkey, Pig, and Friar Sand—in their search for a missing scripture. However, this merry band soon wanders into the titular cave, which so happens to be inhabited by seven sexy spider demons. Spying the monk, this legion of lethal ladies concocts a plan to devour the monk’s flesh—a feast that will grant them eternal life. Soon enough, both Xuanzhang and Pig are captured within the spider demon’s web, leaving it up to Monkey and Friar Sand to rescue the hapless pair before the spider women can make their final banquet preparations. Exquisitely crafted, the film is a gorgeous fantasy filled with lush color cinematography, massive martial arts action, and an unforgettable musical number.

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Film Credits
Ho Meng Hua
Ho Fan, Angela Yu Chien, Wu Wei, Helen Ma
SIFF 2015