Cave of the Spider Women

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SIFF Says:

A Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, is sent on a mission from Buddha to travel west and bring back special texts. On his journey, he is accompanied by several characters, Pigsy, Sandy, Monkey, and the Dragon Prince, who are ordered to go with him to atone for their past sins. The journey is treacherous and challenging, and Xuanzang must constantly avoid evil demons who try to eat him and his party, apparently in the hopes of gaining mortality. Their strength and courage are really tested when they come upon a mysterious cave where seven beautiful women live. The women, secretly flesh-eating spider spirits in disguise, seduce and capture the convoy, leaving Xuanzang scrambling to escape and finish his Buddhist mission. Recently found in the National Library of Norway, Cave Of The Spider Women, also known as Cave Of The Silken Web, kickstarted several re-imaginings of this beloved Chinese story from the Ming Dynasty fable “Journey To the West,” and is full of elaborate costumes, beautiful women, and suspenseful action.

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Film Credits
Dan Duyu
Yin Mingzhu, He Rongzhu, Jiang Meikang, Zhou Hongquan, Wu Wenchao
SIFF 2015