City of Gold

Culinary Cinema

SIFF Says:

When Jonathan Gold worked as a proofreader for the LOS ANGELES TIMES, he made it a personal goal to eat at every restaurant on Pico Boulevard, a 15.5 mile stretch from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica. This, he says, is where he learned to eat. Now he’s a professional food critic, and the first individual to ever receive a Pulitzer Prize for restaurant reviews. CITY OF GOLD not only introduces us to Gold, but also introduces us to Gold’s Los Angeles, exploring different neighborhoods such as Hollywood, the San Gabriel Valley, Little Ethiopia, Tehrangeles, and Koreatown. In these places Gold establishes a focus not on overly trendy new restaurants, but on the overlooked gems hidden away in strip-malls and taco stands around the corner. His belief is that food is an essential tool to connect with the culture around you—and Los Angeles is a prime example of a place rich with coexisting cultures, especially from a food perspective. A poet championing the lyrical beauty of Ma-and-Pop diners and food trucks, this inspiring documentary shows Jonathan Gold as an important figure in L.A. food culture, giving a new value to reviews and shining a light on overlooked communities and their tasty delicacies.

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Film Credits
Laura Gabbert
Jonathan Gold
SIFF 2015