The Coffin in the Mountain

Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

A charred corpse found atop the mountain of a remote Chinese village ties together three interlocking, time-hopping stories about the moral ambiguity and mortal fears inherent in humanity. In the first, young Zongyao (Xiaotian Wang) has returned to the village of his upbringing for a short visit, and after butting heads with his stern father Xio Weiguo (Weimin Huo) finds solace in an old lover. Claiming she is pregnant, their elation is short-lived after Zongyao accidentally kills a local thug. The two flee to a nearby city, but a guilt-ridden Zongyao considers confessing to his crime. In the second story, Baoshan (Shengjie Shao ) and Liqin (Li Sun), who are carrying on an adulterous affair, conspire to murder Liqin’s abusive husband, only to learn that somebody may have already taken care of him. But is the body in the woods her husband, or a case of mistaken identity? In the final story, Xio Weiguo must pick up the pieces of his shattered village, leading to decisions that could irrevocably compromise his moral compass and his family forever. As these anecdotes collide into each other, the village emerges as a microcosm of our mad society.

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Film Credits
Yukun Xin
Weimin Huo, Xiaotian Wang, Yun Luo, Yuzen Yang, Li Sun
SIFF 2015