Corrections Class


Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

"CORRECTON CLASS opens as Lena’s mom pushes her to her new school in her wheelchair. Lena is an attractive and bright teenager who has been homeschooled her entire life. Now for the first time, she is going to be a part of a classroom and maybe even have a group of school friends. Kids with disabilities are assigned to their own room, and it’s soon learned that a special commission will test them to determine if they are able to join a “normal” classroom. Lena fits in with her disabled peers right away, but when she and Anton (who has epilepsy) begin to form a romantic relationship, it deeply disturbs the class dynamic and outrages the school staff. Director Ivan Tverdovskii is a 26-year old filmmaker dubbed by the press an as “infant Lars von Trier.” Without cliché or pity, he presents an eye-opening portrait of the disabled in Russia. His documentary-style dramatic feature debut is a passionate attempt to not only show the handicapped as normal people, but to expose the injustices of the educational situation in this powerful and shocking drama."

Stranger Says:

Standard teen angst enlivened by being set (a) in Russia and (b) among disabled kids. I’m irked by the uniform attractiveness of the youthful cast, not a single case of FLK (Funny-Looking Kid) among them, although in real life, FLK is one of the most annoying trials of being disabled. The adult caricatures are deliciously monstrous. (BARLEY BLAIR)

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Film Credits
Ivan I. Tverdovsky
Maria Poezhaeva, Filipp Avdeev, Nikita Kukushkin, Artem Markaryan, Irina Vilkova
SIFF 2015