Midnight Adrenaline

SIFF Says:

In this Belgian rural horror film, a Cub Scout troop makes its way into the woods for a team-building camping excursion. Ignoring the mildly terrifying warnings from local townsfolk on their way in, the only one who feels something’s amiss is the young outcast, Sam. Sam’s affinity for tall tales and rebellious behavior doesn’t make him the most trustworthy scout, which is why he is the laughingstock of the group when he tells them all he saw a masked wolf-child in an abandoned tree house off the path. No one’s laughing, however, when kids and leaders start getting picked off by mysterious and lethal booby traps set up around camp. Someone, or something, is hunting them. This nightmarish spin on the typical camping-in-the-woods horror story is director Jonas Govaerts’ feature debut, and thrills us with creepy kid terror, creative and bloody murder devices, and a truly ominous atmosphere.

Stranger Says:

The best thing about Cub, a horror film from Belgium, is that it replaces the typical group of horny teenagers, who go out to the woods to “get away,” with a bunch of grade-school-aged kids, who go out to the middle of nowhere as part of Cub Scout camping trip. Things get messy when a fictitious monster named “Kai,” invented by the adult Cub Scout leaders to give the kids a little scare, is replaced by two very real monsters who are lurking in the forest. The worst thing about Cub is the identity of the monsters is revealed too soon. As evidenced by one of the all-time best “lost in the woods” films, The Blair Witch Project, it’s more terrifying when a monster remains mysteriously incomprehensible. (KELLY O)

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Film Credits
Jonas Govaerts
Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Titus De Voogdt, Maurice Luijten, Jan Hammenecker
SIFF 2015