Contemporary World Cinema

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Parents Tian Wenjun and Lu Xiaojuan tear through the city in search for their kidnapped son, who has gone missing after visiting the playground with his friends. Pengpeng is three years old and he has become a victim of the abduction industry in China, which the one-child policy has amplified. The abductors make money by adopting children out to wealthy families who wish to raise sons. The parents follow up on leads from friends who report seeing Pengpeng, and eventually track down their son years after his disappearance. However, the ties of kinship and childrearing become tangled when Wenjun and Xiaojuan meet the boy's long-term guardian, Li Hongqin. She has been raising Pengpeng for most of his childhood and was unaware of his earlier abduction. Wenjun and Xiaojuan are startled to meet the person their son has become. Pengpeng's parents and adoptive guardian must learn how to address his complex history, current identity, and future upbringing.

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Film Credits
Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Zhao Wei, Huang Bo, Tong Dawei, Hao Lei, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yuqi
SIFF 2015