SIFF Says:

"""You ever get the feeling there's something going on that we don't know about?"" Set at the end of 1959, DINER mixes bittersweet comedy and realistic repartee as it follows a circle of male friends who reunite for their friend's wedding. Spending most nights huddled in a booth at their favorite Baltimore hangout, the Fells Point Diner, these old pals bust each other's chops, ruminate on the women in their lives, and argue the finer points of sharing roast beef sandwiches. Ultimately, they find that they share similar problems of, as Roger Ebert put it, ""growing up at an age when they are supposed to have already grown up."" Barry Levinson's semi-autobiographical film received an Academy Award® nomination for Best Original Screenplay and made stars out of a remarkable cast of then unknowns, including Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Paul Reiser, Steve Guttenberg, Ellen Barkin, and Kevin Bacon. DINER also influenced a generation of screenwriters and is a rare treat on the big screen. Just don't have an ""accident"" with your popcorn box."

Stranger Says:

: A cluster of brilliant talents in young, lusty, something-to-prove mode and they do. Barry Levinson was never better, and surely neither was Mickey Rourke, at his most soulfully subdued. Kevin Bacon, always. And Tim Daly! And Ellen Barkin! But truly, Diner is so good that even the schlubs shine—Paul Reiser, Steve Guttenberg (remember him, waking up, smoking before his eyes were even opened?), jeez louise. A screenwriting master class that brilliantly reveals the depths and limitations of male friendships. (SEAN NELSON)

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Film Credits
Barry Levinson
Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Tim Daly, Ellen Barkin
SIFF 2015