Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films

Midnight Adrenaline

SIFF Says:

In the 1980s, one small indie film studio made a big name for themselves with a juggernaut of cheesy, low-budget genre films with titles like AMERICAN NINJA, BLOODSPORT, BREAKIN’, KING SOLOMON’S MINES, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, and a series of over-the-top showcases for their two biggest stars, Chuck Norris (MISSING IN ACTION, INVASION U.S.A., THE DELTA FORCE) and Charles Bronson (DEATH WISH II, III, and IV). Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus took over Hollywood's fledgling Cannon Group in 1979, transforming it into a production company so prolific that in the year 1986 alone they released 43 films. Lifelong cinephiles, Golan and Globus also took financial risks on quality films like the Oscar®-nominated RUNAWAY TRAIN and John Cassavetes’ LOVE STREAMS. But Cannon's meteoric rise was accompanied by notoriously circumspect business practices, and by the end of the decade Cannon Films faced bankruptcy. Director Mark Hartley, known for his cinephilic love letters NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD and MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED, injects ELECTRIC BOOGALOO with a break-neck overview of over 100 feature films combined with in-depth interviews with the filmmakers and stars caught in the Cannon hurricane, revealing the wild behind-the-scenes tales that rival the action on screen.

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Film Credits
Mark Hartley
Franco Zeffirelli, Bo Derek, Dolph Lundgren, Molly Ringwald
SIFF 2015