The Elephant Song

Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

Psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence has suddenly gone missing, and the only one who might have information is a manipulative and severely disturbed patient, Michael (Xavier Dolan, HEARTBEATS, I KILLED MY MOTHER). But he won’t reveal the truth without having a little fun of his own. Director of the psychiatric ward, Dr. Toby Green, attempts to take control in this mental cat-and-mouse game, questioning Michael about Dr. Lawrence’s whereabouts after their last appointment, but Michael will only comply if Green plays by his rules. Distracted by troubles at home and having avoided in-person interactions with any of the patients at his hospital for a long time, Green is already at a disadvantage, and when Michael says he will only agree to speak if Green doesn’t look at his case file, the doctor unintentionally falls into a tangled web of lies and an impossible power struggle. Adapted from the screenwriter Nicolas Billon’s original play, THE ELEPHANT SONG is an intense psychodrama exploring a mad battle of wit and manipulation.

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Film Credits
Charles Binamé
Bruce Greenwood, Xavier Dolan, Catherine Keener, Carrie-Anne Moss, Guy Nadon
SIFF 2015