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SIFF Says:

In this family comedy and Egyptian box office smash, twelve-year-old Hany, a precocious kid from a privileged Coptic Christian family seems to have it made: He’s got his Mac, his Nintendo, and doting parents who send him to a fancy private school. But things change dramatically after his father’s sudden death. With their income drastically reduced, Hany’s mother is forced to send him to the local public school. Hany is in for a shock—His new school, in a working-class neighborhood, is a rough-and-tumble environment where bullies rule the roost and brainy kids are a popular target. After a teacher wrongly assumes that he is Muslim like the majority of the other students, Hany opts to play along, simply to fit in. When he enters and wins a Koran-recitation contest, his popularity soars, but figuring out how to be himself and find his place is another matter entirely.

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Film Credits
Amr Salama
Ahmed Dash, Hani Adel, Kinda Allouch, Ahmed Helmy
SIFF 2015