The Farewell Party

Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

Leave it to Israeli director Sharon Maymon (2009’s A MATTER OF SIZE) and his cohort Tal Granit to find so much humor in a story about disease, euthanasia, and other end-of-life concerns. A narrative brimming with humanity and heart and starring a dream cast of septuagenarian comic talent, the film continually riffs on the theme of who has the right to play God. Yehezkel, an amateur inventor, lives in a retirement home and wants only to help his fellow residents ease their worries as they confront their own mortality, but none of his makeshift contraptions can help terminally ill Max, whose life is being achingly prolonged by uncaring doctors. As necessity is the mother of all invention, Max’s wife Yana asks Yehezkel to invent what many would deem unethical—a self-euthanasia that would allow her husband to die with dignity. Enlisting in the help of his dementia-stricken wife, a retired vet, and an ex-cop, Yehezkel meets her challenge, but when word of the “mercy-killing machine” spreads and requests start coming in, he and his cohorts question how far they can extend this illegal enterprise.

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Film Credits
Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit
Ze’ev Revah, Levana Finkelstein, Alisa Rozen, Ilan Dar, Rafael Tabor
SIFF 2015