The Fire

Contemporary World Cinema

SIFF Says:

An intimate drama that deftly hints at a broader canvas, THE FIRE maps the fault lines of a nation by exploring the fractures between a woman and a man. On the day that Lucia (Pilar Gamboa) and Marcelo (Juan Barberini) are to make the payment on their new apartment, the seller peremptorily declares a 24-hour delay. With no option beside waiting, the couple hides away the one hundred thousand dollars in cash they amassed for the purchase and attempt to go about their day as if it were any other, rather than the stressful disruption of their planned future. Forced into this holding pattern, both find their dissatisfactions with the relationship, barely concealed on the best of days, boiling to the surface. Quick-tempered Marcelo, resentful that he couldn’t afford their new living space on his schoolteacher’s salary, allows his insecurity over Lucia’s family’s wealth to tie his guts in knots. Lucia’s anxieties over her potentially violent partner twist her insides in more tangible fashion, her tension so high she’s coughing up blood. Schnitman suggests how specific the pressures at play are to modern-day Argentina, all the while maintaining claustrophobic focus on his two remarkable actors.

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Film Credits
Juan Schnitman
Pilar Gamboa, Juan Barberini, Luciano Suardi, Marcelo D’ Andrea, Andrea Garrote
SIFF 2015