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SIFF Says:

In 1981, financial advisor Martin Armstrong founded Princeton Economics International. Using his mysterious Economic Confidence Model (based on a cryptic formula incorporating business cycles and the number Pi), the company became a financial juggernaut, predicting financial market crises and global conflicts with incredible precision. Armstrong’s lectures on the relationship between international finance and geopolitics garnered him a great deal of attention, first from the banking industry, and then from the FBI, who seized both his assets and his computer model, accusing him of running a three billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Though no judgment was passed against him, Armstrong spent the next twelve years in prison. Now he’s returned with his scariest prediction yet, the same warning that he made before his arrest—that a global debt crisis will begin in October 2015. Co-directors Marcus Vetter and Karin Steinberger use Georg Zengerling's striking widescreen cinematography to transport us from the financial corridors of Wall Street to the beaches of Australia and hotel rooms in Bangkok. Together, they weave archival footage, insider interviews, and courtroom illustrations into an unapologetically partisan portrait of a man who is either a singularly gifted con man, or possibly one of the most important whistleblowers of the modern era.

Stranger Says:

The rise/fall/rise of Martin Armstrong, who developed a pi-based formula that could seemingly predict financial upheavals. The US government was not amused. Armstrong possesses a certain nebbishy charisma, but the array of sycophantic talking heads keeps his story disappointedly insular. If this is your field, your grade will likely go up. (ANDREW WRIGHT)

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Film Credits
Marcus Vetter, Karin Steinberger
Martin Amstrong
SIFF 2015