For Grace


Culinary Cinema

SIFF Says:

We often order a delicious item off the menu, but who’s the human behind the food? Documentarians Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowski tell the real-life story of Curtis Duffy, an ambitious yet difficult chef mounting a new restaurant in Chicago. The Michelin-starred culinary artist is fixated on his eatery, Grace, becoming the most renowned in the country. Duffy certainly has his goals in sight, but his pride comes at a price—his ambition has cost him his family. Will his troubled drive get in the way of success? A shattering look at personal drive, accomplishment, family, and food, FOR GRACE is the rare documentary that’s not cut around the edges—it goes right into the fire. Duffy is a fascinating, complex, and astounding subject whom Pang and Helenowski followed for three years, while also delving deep into his childhood and rise in the culinary world. Divisive and surprising while remaining delectable and tasty, FOR GRACE is a main course of pure cinema.

Stranger Says:

Just when you begin to wonder why the hell you should care about the story of the opening of control-freak and somewhat robotic chef Curtis Duffy’s three-Michelin-star Chicago restaurant Grace, directors Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowski drop a devastating emotional bomb that opens up the film—as well as your heart to the chef. Beautiful food-plating sequences will satisfy annoying, self-proclaimed foodies, but you don’t need to care about haute cuisine to be moved by For Grace. (ANGELA GARBES)

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Film Credits
Mark Helenowski, Kevin Pang
Curtis Duggy, Michael Muser, Ruth Snider
SIFF 2015