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SIFF Says:

This all-access documentary utilizes rare photos, film footage, and, most impressively, Marlon Brando’s personal stash of previously unheard audio archives—recordings the late actor used as a sort of diary, touching on all aspects of his career and life, to create a well-rounded portrait of a man thought so mysterious. Brando’s conversations cover his unstable childhood, his rocky relationship with his father, the tragic death of his children, as well as both the seriousness with which he took his acting, and the simultaneous disdain he felt toward the industry. Director Stevan Riley sifted through over 200 hours of reflective commentary, paired with employing a digitized 3D image of Brando’s head that the actor himself had crafted in the ‘80s, in order to craft a genuine and honest post-mortem autobiography.

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Film Credits
Stevan Riley
Marlon Brando
SIFF 2015