Mr. Holmes


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SIFF Says:

"An elderly man sits in a cinema with scenes from his life unfolding upon the silver screen. However, this is not his life as he knew it but a fictionalized adventure based upon the memoirs of his former assistant, Dr. Watson. Having long ago retired to an anonymous life in the Sussex countryside, Sherlock Holmes spends his days indulging his twin hobbies, honey bees and botany; his only two companions being his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney), and her 14-year-old son, Roger (Milo Parker). But as his once brilliant mind falters, Holmes struggles to remember the details of his final case, involving an aggrieved married couple and a mysterious musical instrument, which may or may not have occult properties. What went so wrong with the investigation that it made the great detective retire? And how is it connected to his recent trip to post-WWII Japan? Based on Mitch Cullin's acclaimed novel ""A Slight Trick of the Mind,"" MR. HOLMES reunites Bill Condon, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker of GODS AND MONSTERS, with Ian McKellan, giving a career-best performance, to create a uniquely iconoclastic chapter in the life of pop culture's most famous detective."

Stranger Says:

: Bill Condon and Ian McKellen (Gods and Monsters) make such a good team that it’s almost possible to overlook the director’s desultory entries in the Twilight series. In this affecting three-hander, which draws from the 2005 novel by Mitch Cullen, McKellen plays Sherlock Holmes as a 93-year-old retiree working on his memoir, struggling with memory loss, reliving a troubling case, and mentoring an impressionable boy named Roger (Milo Parker). The relationship between Sherlock and Roger reflects, in ways both positive and negative, the storied detective's previous dealings with partner Watson, nemesis Moriarty, and enigmatic brother Mycroft. Laura Linney plays Roger's housekeeper mother, who calls Sherlock on his bullshit. (KATHY FENNESSY)

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Film Credits
Bill Condon
Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hattie Morahan
SIFF 2015