Northwest Connections

Uncertain is a village on the edge of a sublime lake in Texas. "Uncertain is not on the way to anywhere. You've got to either know where you're goin' or be lost to find it," explains the sheriff of the county. He also says that many of the people who live in Uncertain had to leave society behind and rebuild their lives. In another scene, we are told there are not many women in that part of the world. The men here are mighty lonely. Uncertain, which has a church called Uncertain Church, contains all the elements of a Southern gothic: the mysterious lake, the secrets deep in the souls of the inhabitants like the secrets at the bottom of the lake, the sheriff, the crime, the confessions, the city slicker trying to solve it all.
On the Texas/Louisiana border exists a town where the residents veer a bit off the beaten path. (To give you an idea, one is hunting a boar with the head of a horse.) Shot over two years, this fascinating character study quickly hits an odd, nonjudgmental rhythm. It feels like it could go on forever. (ANDREW WRIGHT)

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Film Credits
Ewan McNichol, Anna Sandilands
SIFF 2015