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SIFF Says:

What begins as a quiet, quirky love story quickly transforms into an adrenaline-pumping superhero manhunt, in Thomas Salvador’s strange tale of a man coming to terms with his difference. Vincent is a mild-mannered guy who takes odd jobs and mostly keeps to himself—but he has a secret. When immersed in water, Vincent gains superhuman strength and speedy swimming abilities. He lives life business as usual, trying to keep under the radar, until a chance meeting with adorably free-spirited Lucie opens his heart and brings him out of his shell. Lucie learns of his ability and takes it all in stride with a quiet bewilderment. After all, what is true love if not an acceptance of all your partner’s little eccentricities? The peaceful happiness Vincent starts getting used to is demolished in a second, however, when an altercation at his construction job causes his powers to be discovered, and a madcap police chase begins. More of a character drama than a flashy superhero film, VINCENT boasts strong, nuanced lead performances and a quietly beautiful atmosphere that makes it a must-see reinvention of the superhero fantasy.

Stranger Says:

You can always trust the French to take a market-saturated, budget-heavy Hollywood genre and make it something thoughtful, beautiful, and minimal. In this case, the French film is Vincent and the Hollywood genre is the superhero flick. Yes, Vincent has special effects, but they are nowhere near those that dazzle your living daylights in, say, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Indeed, the superhero of the film, performed by its director and writer, Thomas Salvador, is not so much trying to hide his superpowers from society but more wants to enjoy them in private. He does not need an audience (box-office hit) to do his thing, which happens when water makes contact with his skin. The film does, however, have an homage to the iconic kiss in The Amazing Spider-Man. CHARLES MUDEDE


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Film Credits
Thomas Salvador
Thomas Salvador, Vimala Pons, Youssef Hajdi, Nicolas Jaillet, Nina Meurisse
SIFF 2015