Bloodsucking Bastards

2015 | 86 minutes | Rated NR

"What's up, dildos?" This and a gazillion more teenage-boy-style insults are thrown around freely in the miserable, windowless, cubicle-ridden corporate sales office (where they are hawking "male-enhancement" pills, among other seemingly pathetic products aimed at "middle-American losers") where the slacker-hero of Bloodsucking Bastards, Evan Sanders, toils day-to-day, hoping for a crappy promotion as he pitifully pines for the office's HR manager, Amanda.

Comedy fans will probably be more impressed than horror-movie buffs, but the whole thing is a pretty harmless and hilarious ride through the horrors of being stuck in a dead-end job in the quintessential all-American workplace.


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Film Credits
Brian O'Connell
Fran Kranz, Emma Fitzpatrick, Marshall Givens, Joey Kern, Brian Konowal, Joel Murray, Neil Garguilo, Michael Hughes