The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin

Alternate Cinema | 2015 | 65 minutes

Stranger Says:

No-frills documentary and a good primer on Guy Maddin, if you don’t know him, but ultimately nonessential. Aside from confirming the fact that all directors wear scarves, the doc addresses Maddin’s weird aesthetic but not the reason why he wants to live in the fake past and indulge a lot of incest narratives. Excellent scene of a ghost giving a blowjob, though, but you can just track down his movie Glorious for that. (RICH SMITH)

SIFF Says:

The films of Guy Maddin are as deliriously eccentric, and mildly perverse, as the man himself, whose singular career and cornucopia of influences are explored in interviews alongside kindred spirits like the Quay Brothers, John Waters, Udo Kier, and Isabella Rossellini.

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Film Credits
Yves Montmayeur
Guy Maddin, Udo Kier, Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, Isabella Rossellini
SIFF 2016