The Blackcoat’s Daughter

New American Cinema | 2015 | 93 minutes

SIFF Says:

In The Blackcoat's Daughter, horror is cold: There are wintry scenes of desolation, and blood is spilled on the ice and snow. This sinister thriller is written and directed by Osgood Perkins, son of Psycho star Anthony Perkins, and whose brother, Elvis Perkins, provides an ominous atonal score. The opening centers on Kat (Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men’s Sally Draper) and Rose (Lucy Boynton), two students left alone at their prep school, Bramford, over winter break when their parents mysteriously fail to pick them up. While the isolated, imperiled girls try to settle in, the film cuts to another story: Joan (Emma Roberts), a troubled young woman on the road, is determined to get to Bramford as fast as she can. As Joan gets closer to the school, Kat is plagued by progressively intense and horrifying visions, with Rose doing her best to help her new friend as she slips further and further into the grasp of an unseen evil force. The movie builds to the moment when the two stories finally intersect, setting the stage for a shocking and unforgettable climax. “Atmospheric and suspenseful[…] it should score with sophisticated genre aficionados and anyone else inclined to savor a stealthy, unsettling escalation of dread before full-bore horror kicks in.” Joe Leydon, Variety

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Film Credits
Osgood Perkins
Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, James Remar, Lauren Holly
SIFF 2016