Finding October


Northwest Connections | 2016 | 77 minutes

Stranger Says:

Have you been watching too many serious, dark dramas about teens in trouble with no hope or no way out? Do you feel a certain hopelessness creeping into your soul as you struggle to find some bastion of happiness in a fast and ever-stressful world? Do you want to watch a movie made by young local filmmakers? I encourage you to see Finding October, a fictional docu-diary of an interrupted road trip between two friends. It is a nice little dish of sorbet to break up the specter of gloom and death fast approaching. Maybe I've been watching too many dark movies today. (JACOB LICHTY)

SIFF Says:

Two young men, traveling through the Pacific Northwest so one can propose to his longtime girlfriend, encounter road-trip fiascos, cold feet, and an enigmatic female drifter in this emotionally engaging chamber piece.

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Film Credits
Nick Terry
Michael Ward, Karin Terry, Nick Terry, Delaney Berreth, Ryan Woodyard
SIFF 2016