The General

Archival Presentations | 1926 | 76 minutes

Stranger Says:

Every so often I’m reminded that there are lots of people who haven’t seen any Buster Keaton films. The miracle of Keaton’s physical and cinematic gift is a mandatory addition to any cultural education worth a damn, but more importantly: You won’t see a funnier movie in this festival. (SEAN NELSON)

SIFF Says:

Buster Keaton's iconic slapstick comedy of an engineer who must pursue his beloved locomotive straight through enemy lines during the Civil War is presented in a new 4K restoration with an original symphonic score from Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi.

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Film Credits
Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
Buster Keaton, Marian Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley, Frederick Vroom, Charles Smith
SIFF 2016