Contemporary World Cinema | 2015 | 90 minutes

Stranger Says:

A contemporary Mexican take on Waiting for Godot, but less absurdist and easier to digest. Instead of tackling ideas of God and religion, Warehoused comments on work and labor—the seemingly unquestioned ruler of our time. With deeply funny and charismatic characters as well as engaging philosophical commentary, this is one of the few SIFF films sure to please any crowd. (JULIA RABAN)

SIFF Says:

It’s Monday morning and the first day of working life for young Nin (Hoze Melendez). He’s starting a job as a warehouse supervisor, taking over a position held for almost 30 years by the soon-to-retire Mr. Lino (Jose Carlos Reuiz, One For the Road) whose immaculate standards and exacting routines often dip into the absurd. As rookie and veteran settle into their week of transition, nerves fray, customs are challenged, and an unusual, unexpected camaraderie develops between the two men while waiting for a delivery that, in true Waiting for Godot fashion, never seems to materialize. This smart, sly Mexican satire by director Jack Zagha and screenwriter David Desola follows up their acclaimed 2014 comedy One for the Road, and was the winner of the Audience Award at the Morelia Film Festival. Warehoused is a perceptive tale about work, duty, and the (questionable) importance of following rules and regulations in a world that always seems ready to throw them out.

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Film Credits
Jack Zagha
José Carlos Ruiz, Hoze Meléndez
SIFF 2016