Donald Cried


2017 | 85 minutes | Rated NR

Comedies like these often run into trouble translating a keen eye for human failings into a compelling narrative, and Donald Cried is not immune to this. Avedisian’s film seems happy to meander from suburban cul-de-sac to suburban cul-de-sac, occasionally stumbling on a scene of legitimate intensity or oblique emotional truth. Those peaks justify the valleys, if only just; so long as you know what you’re getting into, there’s a lot to unpack here. And if nothing else, Donald Cried will give you something to think about the next time you swing back through your podunk hometown.

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Film Credits
Kris Avedisian
Jesse Wakeman, Kris Avedisian, Louisa Krause, Ted Arcidi, Shawn Contois, Kate Fitzgerald, Patrick Languzzi, Robby Levy, Alexander Cook, Kyle Espeleta