2016 | 166 minutes | Rated NR

On April 14, 1986, there was a knock at the door of my house in Harare, Zimbabwe. I was the one who opened the door and found three beefy men in dark suits. One was black; two were white. They all wanted the daughter of the US ambassador to Zimbabwe—who was my sister’s friend and spending the night—to come with them immediately. The ambassador’s daughter walked downstairs in her pajamas, walked out the door, walked into a black limo, and left with the Secret Service men. The next day, we learned that Libya had been bombed by Ronald Reagan. A deep and dark explanation for this episode at the end of the Cold War is provided in the BBC documentary HyperNormalisation. The doc also explains that the episode was one of many in a historical movement toward the “fake world” that now dominates the real world. Donald Trump is also in this documentary, but he is dealing with a Japanese gambler and has no idea he will become the fakest president in US history.


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Film Credits
Adam Curtis