Contemporary World Cinema | 2016 | 105 minutes

SIFF Says:

Bahar and Cüneyt are about to become parents. They’re adopting a baby, but, mindful of the social stigma attached to infertility, have decided to pretend it’s biologically their own. To bolster this claim, they set about creating a photo album to document the (fake) pregnancy, staging elaborate photo shoots complete with (artificial) baby bump and enlisting doctors and nurses at a local hospital to pose (awkwardly) with them in the maternity ward. All proceeds according to plan, until by chance Cüneyt discovers that a record of their adoption exists in the files of the local police, threatening to collapse their charade. Albüm is a needle-sharp social satire with multiple targets―the notion of biological authenticity, the flexible approach to inconvenient facts, and our selfie-saturated age in which even our most meaningful life events are less meaningful unless they’re photographed. Fans of the Romanian New Wave will appreciate the film’s mordant dark humor and austere visual appeal.

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Film Credits
Mehmet Can Mertoğlu
Şebnem Bozoklu, Murat Kılıç, Muttalip Müjdeci, Müfit Kayacan, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya
SIFF 2017