Black Code

Documentary Films | 2016 | 90 minutes

Stranger Says:

Black Code explores internet technology—mobile, social media, and cloud computing—through the lens of Citizen Lab, an internet research facility run by Professor Ronald Deibert (whose book inspired the film). The documentary takes you through a broad swath of stories—and locations—around the world “where big data meets big brother”: the cold-war bunker that hosts WikiLeaks, a Tibetan monk persecuted by the Chinese police state, a Brazilian guerrilla media outlet documenting protests with a homemade media rig in a shopping cart. Though there’s not one definitive takeaway with Black Code on the future of hotly contested cyberspace, you’ll probably learn enough disturbing shit to want to tape over your webcam.


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Film Credits
Nicholas de Pencier
Ronald Deibert, Felipe Altenfeldor
SIFF 2017