New Directors Competition | 2016 | 98 minutes

SIFF Says:

Fifty kilometers off the coast of Labrador lies Besco, a tiny island nation about to be pulled kicking and screaming into the global arena. Newly elected Besco president Danielle Richard (Macha Grenon, Barney’s Version) has inherited an economic crisis, and with much trepidation calls an emergency summit to discuss potential foreign investment in her country’s iron ore. Enter the Canadian politicians, a blustering group of men in three-piece suits who will not hesitate stripping the island’s major natural resource for the lowest possible figure; among them is Félixe (Nathalie Doummar), the sole female Ottawa representative and the only one with a conscience. Between the two sides―ministers, developers, lobbyists―sits Emily (Emily VanCamp, ABC’s Revenge), the bilingual American negotiator desperately trying to hold things together. These meetings―appropriately set in schoolrooms and gymnasiums considering the schoolyard-esque bullying perpetrated by all parties―quickly spin out of control, a biting social commentary on small-scale politics writ large. Following up her triumphant, Cannes-nominated debut Sarah Prefers to Run (2013), Chloé Robichaud fashions a feminist-leaning political satire with an impressive tonal range, spanning from humor to satire to terror, as these three women try to make good in a frustratingly sexist world.

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Film Credits
Chloé Robichaud
Macha Grenon, Emily VanCamp, Nathalie Doummar, Rémy Girard, Alexandre Landry
SIFF 2017