Contemporary World Cinema | 2016 | 98 minutes

SIFF Says:

Basking in a post-graduation glow, Roman teenagers Cate (Blu Yoshimi Di Martino, Arianna, SIFF 2015) and Ferro (Luigi Fedele) feel like adults already. Planning a vacation to Morocco, getting jobs, and moving in together are just a few of the things this young couple are taking on. Oh, and having a baby. This last doesn’t necessarily sit well with their parents, with Cate’s irresponsible free-spirited father not being much of a financial help and Ferro’s bickering parents constantly criticizing all his decisions. Yet they carry on, with both naive optimism and a comic awareness of their “colossal mistake.” Heartfelt moments are matched with cartoonish humor, with writer/director Roan Johnson’s script inspiring laughs and a comparison to family-dramedy authority Wes Anderson. Relative newcomers Di Martino and Fedele have an undeniable chemistry, combining relatable teenage anxieties with a strong calm that is only inspired by huge changes. Organized in nine-month segments leading up to the pregnancy, Johnson’s third feature is a breezy family tale as lightweight and flowing as its title suggests.

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Film Credits
Roan Johnson
Luigi Fedele, Blu Yoshimi Di Martino, Sergio Pierattini, Michela Cescon, Francesco Colella
SIFF 2017