Lives with Flavor

Culinary Cinema | 2017 | 52 minutes

Stranger Says:

Ricardo Muñoz Zurita surmises, partway through bringing the viewer on a culinary tour of Mexico’s traditional cuisine, that he can delve so deeply into the history of the foods and cooking of his beloved country because he is unmarried and childless. His loneliness is to everyone’s benefit as he guides the movie (and its error-riddled subtitles) through a rainbow of moles, hot peppers, and forgotten ingredients, telling his own story as a chef through the origins and traditions of Mexico’s various states and how they shaped both the country’s cuisine and his own life.

SIFF Says:

Cook and restaurateur Ricard Muñoz Zurita believes that food is about much more than simply the taste. He feels that to achieve the greatest gastronomical experience, there needs to be atmosphere. The plating, tables, and glassware all need to be a certain way. The napkins in his restaurant are all hand-embroidered by local women, and the bowl’s edges are curved just right. Zurita believes that for a meal to be truly phenomenal, it should tell a cultural story. And the flavor? The flavor should always taste like a memory. In this documentary, Zurita explains his philosophy surrounding Mexican food and its cultural significance. As a preserver of culinary tradition, he goes from market to market in different neighborhoods and sits at many family dinner tables in order to truly understand Mexico’s gastronomical environment. Zurita owns several restaurants in Mexico City, and sends trucks to pick up products from different communities in order to represent them and introduce them to customers at his table. Director Pablo Gasca Gollas’ Lives With Flavor stresses the importance of simplicity, history, and experience when it comes to dining, and spotlights Mexico’s unparalleled cuisine.

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Film Credits
Pablo Gasca Gollas
Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, Marco Beteta, Martha Ortiz, Israel Ronzon, Alberto Albarran, Patricia Mu√±oz Zurita, Salom√© Freixas, Gonzalo Serrano
SIFF 2017