New Chefs on the Block

Culinary Cinema | 2016 | 96 minutes

SIFF Says:

Nearly 30% of new restaurants fail and close their doors within the first year. This is a reality Washington, D.C., chefs Aaron Silverman and Frank Linn have to acknowledge as they take on the challenge of opening their debut restaurants. This inspirational documentary follows two young and hopeful restaurateurs from lease signings to first reviews, featuring all the troubles and triumphs along the way. Silverman’s “Rose’s Luxury” aims to celebrate innovative yet accessible cuisine, while Linn wants his pizzeria “Frankly . . . Pizza” to reflect the hard work of his friends and family, and the delicious taste of fresh, lightly charred pies. Their days as pop-up runners and food-truck owners are behind them as they struggle to stay on budget, keep their staff and patrons happy, and cross their fingers for opening night at their new brick-and-mortars. You don’t have to be a food critic or live in D.C. to appreciate New Chefs on the Block, with its insider look at what it takes to open and run a successful restaurant and its fascinating interviews with all involved. Toward the end of this documentary you’ll be rooting for Silverman and Linn to succeed, and eagerly Googling newly opened food joints in your area.

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Film Credits
Dustin Harrison-Atlas
Frank Linn, Aaron Silverman, Kate Diamond, Michel Richard, Danny Meyer, Mike Isabella, Tim Carman, Emily Sprissler
SIFF 2017