The Farthest

Documentary Films | 2017 | 121 minutes

Stranger Says:

Now that we’re stuck with an administration that has nothing but disdain for science, a documentary about 1977’s Voyager mission seems more nostalgic—and necessary—than ever. After all, it was in 1972, under soon-to-be-disgraced President Richard Nixon, that the project came into being. Each probe contained a golden record with greetings and songs for aliens that might be encountered while exploring Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and beyond. Scientists involved with the project talk about the thinking behind it, which can get jargony, but their passion generates a warm glow—until the reality of 2017 sinks in again.


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Film Credits
Emer Reynolds
Charley Kohlhase, Fran Bagenal, James F. Bell, John Casani, Suzanne Dodd
SIFF 2017