Northwest Connections | 2017 | 84 minutes

Stranger Says:

I saw an early and pretty rough draft of this feature film by the local filmmaker Jagger Gravning. It is not not controversial, as it is based on the 2006 Capitol Hill Massacre and is shot from the perspective of the killer (who is based on Kyle Huff) and not his victims (the six young ravers). The film, however, is an examination not so much of the killer’s motives but of the kind of rural intolerance (Huff was from Montana) that placed in the White House a president who wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and ban Muslims. In the movie, the killer (called the Perpetrator) is an angry white male who guns down ravers who are peace-loving, cosmopolitan, and sex-positive. Wallflower, which took five years to complete and has a stunning rave sequence, will be seen as a critique of the Trump age and rural rage.


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Film Credits
Jagger Gravning
David Call, Atsuko Okatsuka, Conner Marx
SIFF 2017