Dial M for Murder


1954 | 105 minutes | Rated PG

In Alfred Hitchcock's chilly huis clos of a murder drama, Tony Wendice hires a desperate acquaintance to off his rich wife, Margot. When the scheme goes awry, he gets lucky: Margot still has no idea who was behind the attempt on her life. As the police investigate, Tony coolly manipulates the evidence to get his plan of removing Margot back on track. Not one of Hitchcock's flashiest films, it's got the great asset of Ray Milland as the quick-thinking bastard—and will have you gritting your teeth to keep from shouting your tense indignation at the screen.

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Film Credits
Alfred Hitchcock
Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, John Williams, Anthony Dawson, Leo Britt, Patrick Allen, George Leigh, George Alderson, Robin Hughes