Phantom Thread

2018 | 130 minutes | Rated R

The alleged news that this will be Daniel Day-Lewis’s final outing as an actor would only be reason enough to see this film if you actually believe he truly won’t ever act again once he’s finished cobbling or whatever he’s doing this time. But really, all you need to know is that he’s in it. Boom, it’s a don’t miss. But then you see the trailer, in which obsessive jealousy burns slowly, causing terrible damage as it mounts, and you see the makings of a Paul Thomas Anderson gem, and another brilliant performance by Day-Lewis, one of the finest actors who ever drew breath.
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Sunday 2/18

Columbia City

Sun 12:15 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm


Pacific Place

600 Pine St
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Sun 12:45 pm, 3:45 pm, 6:45 pm, 9:45 pm

Queen Anne

SIFF Cinema Uptown

511 Queen Anne Ave N
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Sun 1 pm, 3:45 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:15 pm

University District

Sun 10:05 am, 12:45 pm, 3:40 pm, 6:40 pm, 9:45 pm

North Seattle

Out of Town

Lincoln Theater

712 1st St.
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Sun 5:30 pm


Grand Cinema

606 South Fawcett Ave
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Sun 12 pm, 2:45 pm, 5:35 pm, 8:25 pm

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Film Credits
Paul Anderson
Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps, Lesley Manville, Camilla Rutherford, Gina McKee, Brian Gleeson, Harriet Sansom Harris, Lujza Richter, Julia Davis, Jane Perry