Everything Is Terrible: The Great Satan


2018 | Rated NR

Over the past decade, Everything Is Terrible has amassed a cult following for mish-mashing together found-footage clips from old VHS tapes to create garbled, writhing audiovisual beasts. The result is chaotic, campy, surreal, disorienting, and a little hopeless—it’s a grim reflection of humanity that will likely convince you that everything really is terrible. Thankfully, there’s plenty of pitch-black humor to be dredged from those psychedelic creations. Members of the Los Angeles-based collective are currently touring the country with a new live show and film, The Great Satan. If you’re unfamiliar with Everything Is Terrible, the first thing you should know is that they play fast and loose with narrative. As promised, The Great Satan splices together KISS music videos, vintage porn, uncanny valley-style cartoons, god-fearing news broadcasts, Fabio close-ups, scenes from Jerry Maguire, and Christian edutainment for children—complete with raps about the good book—to tell a story about white Christian America’s relationship with Satan, their fear of death and eternal damnation, and their hypocritical, often bigoted ideology.


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