Big Time

2017 | 85 minutes | Rated NR

Big Time is about the architect who replaced Rem Koolhaas in hotness. No one talks about the Dutchman who designed Seattle’s Central Library anymore, but they do go on and on about young Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (he is only 43). His best work is Mountain Dwelling, which is located in Copenhagen and was completed in 2008, when was only 33. He is now famous for the Via 57 West, a residential building in NYC that was completed in 2016, and is featured in this documentary. Ingle explains the thinking that went into this complex (it is a miniature of Manhattan). He also explains his next big project—the second part of the World Trade Center reconstruction. There is no joy, no celebration in this documentary. The architect has little or no time for fun. He is always thinking about death—how other famous architects died and left incomplete buildings and projects. As Peter Tosh once sang: “Let the dead bury the dead… I am a livin' man, I've got work to do.”


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Film Credits
Kaspar Schröder
Bjarke Ingels