2018 | 127 minutes | Rated R

Ciara Dolan, Portland Mercury reviewer, really did not enjoy Loveless, which she called "two hours of watching a divorcing couple argue viciously and search Moscow for their missing son, who they were considering putting in an orphanage anyway, while apocalyptic news broadcasts about the conflict in Ukraine play in the background." This is accurate, and the film will no doubt be incredibly bleak. However, it's also made by one of the most important European directors working today, the dissident Andrey Zvyagintsev, and it's won or been nominated for tons of awards, including the Jury Prize at Cannes. So if you've got a soul made of pure emotional muscle and don't mind crying, go.

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Film Credits
Andrey Zvyagintsev
Maryana Spivak, Alexey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasilyeva, Andris Keishs, Daria Pisareva, Varvara Shmykova