Beauty and the Dogs

2018 | 100 minutes | Rated NR

This is the first outstanding film I have seen in 2018. It's set in Tunisia, has nine chapters (each composed of one take), happens over one night, and concerns the rape of a young woman, a university student named Mariam (Mariam Al Ferjani). Actually, the film is not so much about the rape as it is about Mariam's dogged effort to report it and make it official. Everything is against her. She first goes to a hospital to obtain evidence of the rape. But to do this, to examine her, the doctor needs a report from the police. But her ability to obtain such a report is complicated by the fact that the rapists are police officers. The men and women who work at the police station do everything they can to discourage her from reporting the crime. Mariam is not ostensibly a rebel or a feminist. She is often frightened, is in a state of shock, and is sometimes wanting to give up and submit to the powers that be. But if she does submit, then the crime, the rape, is isolated. She will have to deal with it on her own.


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Film Credits
Khaled Barsaoui, Kaouther Hania
Ghanem Zrelli, Mariam Al Ferjani, Noomen Hamda, Mohamed Akkari, Chedly Arfaoui, Anissa Daoud, Mourad Gharsalli, Neder Ghouati