This One's For The Ladies

Documentary Films | 2016 | 82 minutes

Stranger Says:

The New Jersey Nasty Boyz, a group of black “dom” dancers founded by twins Tyga and Raw Dawg, make a lot of women horny at the Dojo, a karate studio by day and a male strip club by night. But director Gene Graham’s documentary isn’t for the Boyz, it’s for the ladies who have been coming together and throwing dollars at the boys’ penises for years. (Heads-up: The documentary shows lots of big hard naked dicks.) There are so many ways these stories could have been mishandled or misrepresented, and yet the cast is treated with dignity and humor. It’s funny. It’s hot. And many of the interviews are so compassionate and complex, they could easily be iconic if the documentary gets a large enough audience. It feels like the Paris Is Burning of underground male strippers in New Jersey, and it’s astonishing how much humanity can come out of a little dick dancing.

SIFF Says:

Under the fluorescent green lighting of a former children’s karate dojo, women gather to escape reality with the New Jersey Nasty Boyz. Founding members Omar and Obar, known as Raw Dawg and Tygar realized their calling by dancing at house parties, and expanded their business to become local royalty and make up to $1,000 a night. The club stands as a place where women drop their given names and take on alter egos that embrace their sexuality and seek to be entertained to the fullest. Accounts from club regulars Pretty Hair, Poundcake, C-Pudding, and Double Trouble give a firsthand look into sitting in the white folding chairs of the “Super Freaks Section.” Here, anything goes, and tips are not casually thrown, but must be earned through fantasy fulfillment. The community formed in the club is not limited to inside its walls, as the film also gives an intimate look into the hardships of contemporary black communities through its subject’s personal narratives. Director Gene Graham creates an enlightening and highly entertaining documentary picture that reveals the humanizing reality behind the lifestyles of male and female exotic dancers and those who worship their craft.

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Film Credits
Gene Graham
C-Pudding, Poundcake, Tyga, Raw Dawg, Sweet Tea
SIFF 2018