After the War


New Directors Competition | 2017 | 92 minutes

Stranger Says:

When the political assassination of a professor puts Italian law enforcement on high alert, a former terrorist (Giuseppe Battiston) grabs his family and holes up somewhere off the map in France. It works—for a while. This is a provocative, tautly paced directorial debut, with a whopper of a lead performance. Battiston, normally a comedic actor, is just fascinating to watch as a man whose unlovely sense of pride only grows as his situation gets more desperate. Even during moments of quiet, he still hears the hounds.

SIFF Says:

In her feature debut, Annarita Zambrano dovetails two side-by-side narratives in this politically charged family drama. Ex-left-wing terrorist and father Marco Lambetti fled Italy for France in 1981 after assassinating a judge but is now forced to go back into hiding after the Mitterand doctrine, which allowed such terrorists to live in exile without fear of extradition, is rescinded 20 years later. At the same time, a political assassination by a group claiming to carry on Lambetti’s former organization has reopened Italy’s wounds from the “years of lead,” a decade-plus period of vicious political turmoil. Italian police and tabloids grill his sister and ailing mother who are unable to find reprieve from his aging crimes, and his daughter Viola, at the precipice of secondary school graduation, has her life upended as Marco tears her from school and into seclusion. Marco’s ardent defense of himself and his political cause comes at a heavy price to those closest him, even if he’s the only one willing to pay it. Expertly paced, AFTER THE WAR is an emotionally intelligent story that poses questions of state and familial love.

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Film Credits
Annarita Zambrano
Giuseppe Battiston, Barbora Bobulova, Charlotte Cétaire
SIFF 2018